February 05, 2016

13 Ways To Improve Your English

Assalamualaikum semua...
Dan selaat sejahtera 1 Malaysia .. Heheh...
Dah lama kan... Memang dah lama Ummu tak post ape2 entry kan... HaTulah,, Ummu ... Takpolah.. Takyah cite la kan.. :(  Bukannye korang nak denngaq pon kan.. Hahaha..

Sepertimana tajuk...
I'm gonna share with you about some ways to improve your english .. bla..bla..bla..
Bahasa ni bahasa yang ke-3 yang manusia2 di seluruh dunia guna after Mandarin and Spanish tau... Haaa... so, korang kenalah tahu English ni tau.. Korang pergilah negara Dubai ka,, Beijing ka,, Zimbabwe pun guna English tau,, 
Kalau korang nak kerja pun, pengambilan kerja tu depends on how good you are in English..

Haha.. Ummu also not very good in English.. Main hentam keromo ja speaking English tuh...Well, at least practice kan?. Because practice makes perfect..

Lo ni Ummu nak share ni.. Simple jah.. Ummu yakin English Ummu pun akan okay after doing these ways kot.. Tapi kene berterusan la.. Ye dak??

1) Surround yourself with English

Put yourself in an English-speaking environment so that you can learn passively through listening. College is a great time for you to break barriers, so don’t just stick to familiar friends. Make new friends who speak mostly in English, join college clubs & societies that conduct their activities in English, and most importantly — don’t be shy and just converse in English!

2) Learn one new word each day

Don’t learn ten or twenty words a day — learn just one. This isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Once you’ve learnt the word, keep using it throughout the day in your conversations with friends and family for the day, even if it sounds as ridiculous as, “You’re so funny, I can’t stop cachinnating.” (It means laugh loudly, by the way).

Here are some of our favourite “learn a word a day” sites:
The Learning Network on The New York Times

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