November 13, 2015

Aspuri's Annual Birthday Party 2015

Selamat Malam and Assalamualaikum semua!!

Sibok ke??
-Ha'ah.. memang sibuk pon... PASCA PT3 lagi, tolong cikgu n lain'lah!!

Now I want to share with you about our Annual Birthday Party...
Okay, this party was held at Primula Beach Hotel.. Oh, It was so near from my school.. Hahah..
For you information, this party was held at 3 p.m... Memang Hi-Tea lah kan?? Well..

Before we makan-makan, our PK HEM gave her speech about the party... She thanked to all of us because of ... **I didn't remember what**... Our Caunselor also gave her speech...


Our Cauncelor

After that, EAT TIME!!!!!
Apo lagi, semua orang pi beratu' nak amik makanan la.... Panjang noooooo.. 15 minit belum tentu dapat makan.. Ngeh..ngeh..ngeh...
Mak Cik - Mak Cik yang masakkan kat warga Aspuri

 Sambil tunggu makan... So boring... Anyway...

Me and my friends

The Party's view
 Sampai masa , Eating time!!


 After eating...

Chegu saya
 On the way back to the school..

Anyway, I felt very happy and very full on that day..
Enjoy, and Bye!~

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