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July 27, 2014

Encik Zahir & Puan Batin

Tomorrow... HAPPY EIDUL MUBARAK!!! Samat ari raye...
Me want to mintak maaf kpade smue yang know myself..
from hujung rambut to hujung kaki... gituh..!!

I dont know what I need to write... I hope everyone will forgive me ...

July 25, 2014


😄 is about 3 days coming... harap mood raye datang cecepat... x de mood raye.. raya's cookies cannot be done before this sunday... 💊

July 24, 2014

3 days to go!

Assalamualaikum,... Ramadhan is about going to go..i hope this Ramadhan is going well for me and all of Islam... Wish see Ramadhan next year..!! ^O^ continue with sunnah fasting.. #englishbroken

First -_-

My first blogging... i don't know what have to write... reason why i'm blogging... part of my diary or something else.. AJA!!
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